How do I download a release on EVEN to my device?

We understand the need to access your favorite releases on the go. However, to protect the rights of artists and their music, early releases on EVEN are exclusively available through our platform's gated streamer and are not made available for download until the official release date. This helps to prevent unauthorized sharing of the music prior to its official release. Here's how it works:

Early Access via EVEN Streamer: When an early release becomes available, you can listen to it directly through the EVEN streamer. Remember, these cannot be downloaded, but can be enjoyed on our platform.

Download after Official Release: Once the music officially releases on streaming platforms, the artist has the option to make the release available for download.

We're constantly working to enhance the EVEN experience for our users while also ensuring we're respecting the rights of artists and their work. Thank you for understanding and supporting this effort.