22.1. In consideration for EVEN’s obligations and provision of the Site, EVEN shall be entitled to retain Twenty Percent (20%) of Gross Revenue (the “EVEN Revenue Share”). After deduction of the EVEN Revenue Share, EVEN shall pay Licensor One Hundred Percent (100%) of Net Revenue (as defined below) (“Licensor Revenue Share”); provided that, in the event Licensor is a distributor, record label or other licensor which is not the recording artist featured in the sound recording(s) associated with the Release (the “Artist”), then Licensor hereby represents and warrants that: (i) Licensor shall pay Artist no less than Fifty Percent (50%) of the Licensor Revenue Share directly to the Artist(s); (ii) such monies shall be retained solely by the Artist for their sole account notwithstanding any unrecouped position between Artist and Licensor; and (iii) Licensor agrees not to do or omit to do anything that would have the effect of reducing any monies payable to Artist or preventing Artist from receiving and retaining such monies. “Gross Revenue” means all sums actually received by EVEN in respect of each sale of a Release that includes your Licensor Content. “Net Revenue” means Gross Revenue less: (a) the EVEN Revenue Share; (b) any taxes EVEN is legally required to collect, withhold or pay, including, without limitation, transaction taxes and other taxes applicable to the sale of Releases; (c) reasonable credits and refunds to Holders; (d) any sales agent and any third party commissions and fees (including all platform and app store fees and commissions and fees); and (e) any direct third party costs associated with the hosting, marketing and advertising of the Release(s) by EVEN. EVEN may deduct from the Licensor Revenue Share any fees or royalties that EVEN pays to rights holders in connection with the Licensor Content. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event Licensor is party to a separate agreement with EVEN whereby a revenue share is payable in connection with a Release that includes your Licensor Content (a “Separate Agreement”), then Licensor acknowledges and agrees that the revenue share payable to Licensor under such Separate Agreement shall be paid to Licensor in lieu of the Licensor Revenue Share.

22.2. EVEN will pay the Licensor Revenue Share to Licensor in the Licensor’s native currency, daily, via Stripe. Licensor may view real-time Licensor Revenue Share reporting via their Licensor account.

22.3. The Licensor Revenue Share paid to Licensor in respect of Releases containing their Licensor Content shall comprise the full and total remuneration that shall be paid to Licensor and any other contributor(s), distributors, record labels, music publishers or any other third parties in respect of such Releases and that such fees constitute full, fair, appropriate, proportionate and equitable compensation for: (i) the performance by Licensor of their obligations under these Terms of Use; and (ii) the Grant of Rights below. Neither Licensor nor any other contributor(s) shall receive remuneration for any plays, streams or other use of Releases that takes place after the initial sale of the relevant Release.

22.4. Notwithstanding that it is Licensor’s sole responsibility to obtain and pay for any and all permissions, licenses and authorizations in respect of Releases containing Licensor Content (including, without limitation, from any rightsholders controlling rights to musical compositions embodied in Licensor Content), without limiting our rights and remedies, we shall be entitled to (but not obliged) to obtain any such permissions, licenses and/or authorizations directly from such rightsholders and to deduct any and all costs, fees and expenses arising therefrom from your Licensor Revenue Share.

22.5. Licensor is solely responsible for determining what, if any, taxes apply to your sale of Releases. Neither EVEN nor any Affiliated Party is responsible for determining the taxes that apply to your sale of Releases.