Setting Up An Account + Features

By following these steps, you'll effortlessly navigate through the account creation process as an artist. Your initiative is invaluable in ensuring a positive experience with Backstage.

Signing Up: Begin your artistic journey with Backstage by signing up using your email address. This primary, yet simple step is extremely crucial as it opens up the pathway to a vast array of features that Backstage offers. By completing this initial step, you're laying the groundwork for your profile and taking the first step in establishing your presence in EVEN.

You will need information on: 

  • Your Artist Name 

  • Contact Information

  • Your Music Links 

  • 3 Images - Your profile 

Artist or Label: As an artist or a label, your choice of identity is vital. This selection ensures your experience is personalized, tailored to your unique role on EVEN.

Currently the label part of the platform is pending, please have all artists create an artist profile in the meantime. 

Choose Your Profile Images: It’s important to upload high-resolution images for your profile picture, cover picture, and external link photo.

Introduction to Backstage: Backstage is your online portal, designed for managing your profile and music. Recognize its significance as your exclusive space for uploading your release, reviewing with your analytics and chatting with your fans. 

Upload Release:

This section is dedicated to the upload of your musical content, whether it's a single, EP, or album. You can also include special features for your fans.

My Releases:

Manage your musical portfolio effectively through this feature, where you can conveniently view your approved, pending, and draft releases. Enjoy the flexibility to edit various aspects of your release, including pricing and project names. It's important to note that while many details can be adjusted, splits remain unchanged when set. 


Customize the access points you wish to provide to your fans. This section allows you to outline and configure the specific access levels associated with your musical content, tailoring the experience for your audience.


Gain valuable insights into your musical journey by reviewing revenue, streaming equivalent metrics, and accessing a centralized chat feature. The analytics section serves as a comprehensive tool for assessing the performance and impact of your releases.


Curate your artist persona by modifying elements such as your profile picture, artist name, and more. While you have the flexibility to personalize most details, it's essential to note that your email address is the one fixed component. For any necessary changes to your email, kindly reach out to Artists@Even.Biz for assistance.